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Breaded eggplant: easy and healthy recipe for oven

11 Sep
Todos los derechos reservados por Tras La Receta

All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

The eggplant is one of these vegetables I choose once and more because, besides I love it, it is ideal accompaniment for uncountable preparations. One of my favorite ways to cook up eggplants is fried and crispy, but I avoid to make it in that form because it absorbs more fats. It is actually a pity that we have to step down the frequency we eat it in this way. For this reason, the last time I prepared eggplant I tried with breaded slices with cheese that I baked into the oven. The result was a crispy, tasty and healthier course.

Present in the human diet for 4000 years, the eggplant has some other common names in English: aubergine in British English, and also brinjalbrinjal eggplantmelongenegarden egg or guinea squash. Today, edible varieties are protagonist in the culinary culture around the world. We can find it in the Greek Mousaka, in the Arabian Baba Ganoush, in the Italian Caponata or Parmigiana, in the Catalan Escalivada and many other.

Although I´m pretty sure you´ll love this way, I´m gonna give you a tip just in case you consider frying eggplant anytime. If you put the eggplant into a bowl with salted water during 24 hours, you will get frying the pieces without extra fats. Why does it happen? Simple: the eggplant  pulp is full of air and it´s cavernous. When it is soaking, the water covers all this free space inside the pulp and later, when you fry it, the oil won´t be able to being absorbed. So, if you want frying eggplant, no matter if it´s breaded or not, put the slices into water with salt. Now, lets try our today´s recipe.

Todos los derechos reservados por Tras La Receta

All rights reserved by Tras La Receta



1 large eggplant

1/2 cup of breadcrumb

1/2 cup grated cheese

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp dried thyme

1 beaten egg



How to prepare Breaded eggplants: recipe for oven (2 persons)

  1. Mix the breadcrumb and cheese, the thyme and oregano into a dish. Beat the egg into another dish with a pinch of salt.
  2. Wash the eggplant and cut it into transversals slices. Season them with salt and pepper.
  3. Pass every slice by beaten egg pricking it with a folk and later pass it by the breadcrumb and cheese mix. Put them into an oven bake previously covered with baking paper. You can put them directly into the oven bake lightly painted with oil.
  4. Bake between 170 and 180 Celsius degrees during 12 to 15 minutes, depending on every oven. When they golden, prick  in order to check they are cooked.
  5. Take away from the oven and serve immediately with tomato sauce and mayonnaise, or enjoy them without those complements.

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

As my followers will have noticed the most of my recipes are thought for 2 persons, but the most of them, as well, are easily comprehensible. The ingredient´s adaptation is quite simple; just double the necessary amounts. Just one more tip for our today´s recipe: If you decide to prepare 2 eggplant for 4 persons, bake them in two different moments. You´ll see, a very easy, simple, economic and healthy recipe. Enjoy them!

Italian Spanish omelet

30 Jul

This post is a tribute to Spanish and Italian cultures. A tribute to the richness and variety of the Mediterranean diet. Some time ago, in a comment I share in a friend blog, I promised a recipe of Spanish omelet with pizza flavor, Italian style definitely. I´m sure I´m not the only one who have thought in that. So at home we love potatoes omelet, I´m always reinventing it. Another stuff we enjoy as well is pizza; if it is made in home, much better.

This last weekend I had whim of both. As I hadn´t enough time and disposition, I must admit, to prepare a pizza mass, I preferred cook up a Spanish omelet with an Italian dressing that let my «pizza cravings» satisfied. With a little of cheese, herbs and tomato you get that special flavor, the rest of the main ingredients are eggs and potatoes. Just a few ingredients and we´ll able to cooking up a luxury appetizer to share with our friends, taste with a beer or even having lunch or dinner.

All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

Are you keen on the idea? Then, let´s cook it.


2 large potatoes

4-5 eggs

3 dried tomatoes previously rehydrated

4 tbsp grated Grana Padano cheese (Parmesan)

1 slice Mozzarella cheese finally cut

1 tsp dried oregano (a little more to crown)

1/2 tsp dried peppermint (a little more to crown)

garlic salt (you can use dehydrate ground garlic or a crushed clove garlic)  

cherry tomato

arugula or rucola

olive oil


How to prepare Italian Spanish omelet

  1. Put the dried tomatoes into a cup of water during 15-20 minutes  in order to rehydrated them.
  2. Peel and cut the potatoes into thin slices. Fry them into enough oil until they soften and start golden (no pretty golden). Take them out and put over absorbent paper. Season them with garlic salt or normal salt. You can cook the potatoes into a roasting bag suitable for microwave. 6-8 minutes highest potency.
  3. Beat the eggs, season with garlic salt or normal salt (do not abuse if you´ve already put enough salt to the potatoes), add the oregano and the peppermint, beat a little more to integrate all, incorporate the potatoes and crash them with a fork until you get smaller pieces of potato (this is how it does cook up the authentic Spanish omelet) . Add the grated cheese and the Mozzarella slice into little pieces (remember put aside the other slice to crown), and for last incorporate the rehydrated dried tomato, finally cut. Mix all.

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

  4. Put 2 tbsp olive oil into a nonstick pan or the same oil where you fried the potatoes. As soon as you incorporate the mix, stir a little with a wooden spoon (do not be afraid you won´t get scrambled eggs). Let the omelet cook covered, low heat, in order to cook very well until it start bubbling. Check, moving the pan, the mix of the omelet is thickened: it is the moment to turn it around. How? It´s very easy ended: carefully detach laterals, take a dish or a top larger than the top pan, cover it, turn around take back the omelet into the pan. No matter if you leave some egg into the dish or top.
    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

  5. Add the Mozzarella slice we got aside, cover it once more, let 2-3 minutes more cooking until the cheese melted whereas omelet cook. Take off from the heat.
  6. Serve the omelet on a dish garnish with cherry tomatoes and arugula or rucola and sprinkle with oregano and peppermint.

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

    All rights reserved by Tras La Receta

Ready, here you have another way to prepare potato omelets. This once I didn´t use onion, but you can include it. If you are going to do it, before add it to the beaten eggs you must fry it. Look at this Tortilla de Patatas, that I shared no long time ago. Enjoy this recipe with friend and family. Best regards and happy week beginning.

Ham and spinach risotto: Italian recipe

6 Jul

As I recently promised, here I come with a risotto, whose recipe I came across dusting my little library. The rice is one of the feedings that I cook more often, and for this reason I try to eating it in many different ways. It´s the heritage from Cuba, where there is not one day when it doesn´t eat rice. The proposal that I present today tries to follow my book´s recipe, but as always, you´ll find here my personal touch.

And as always too, here you have some notes of the risotto, whose Italian nature it isn´t unknown. Originative from northwest of this nearby country, specifically from the East of Piamonte, West of Lombardía and Verona, places plenty of rice, the risotto is a pillar in the north gastronomy. The clear future of this Italian dish is the cheese, generally Parmesan, and a high quality rice variety, round-medium to small grain white rice, with less amylose, that makes possible when it liberates more starch, a creamiest and tastiest rice.

Although I didn´t use none of the varieties that more frequently are used in Italy for the risotto, here I mention some of the most popular. They’re Arborio, Baldo, Carnaroli, Maratelli, Padano, Roma y Vialone Nano. The best and most expensive varieties are Carnaroli, Maratelli y Vialone Nano, with little differences between them. The Carnaroli, for example, is less likely than Vialone Nano to get overcooked, but the Vialone Nano, being smaller, cooks faster and absorbs condiments better. The matter is that you can choose a round rice, just like some we have here in Spain. If you follow my tips you’ll get a risotto with the authentic taste.

Todos los derechos reservados por Tras La Receta

Todos los derechos reservados por Tras La Receta

This is the English version for Risotto de Jamón Cocido con espinacas that you can read here.

Ingredients to prepare Ham and Spinach risotto

4 cup boiling chicken broth (you can dissolve 2 tablets in the same measure of boiling water)
225 gr fresh spinach
120 gr ham
1 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp butter
1 chive finally chopped
280 gr white round rice
3/4 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup evaporated milk or cream
85 gr grated Parmesan cheese
1 tbsp finally chopped peppermint
salt and pepper

How to prepare Ham and spinach risotto

  1. Cut finally the chive. Wash and cut the spinach julienned and cut the jam into strips. Reserve all.
  2. In a thick base pan heat the olive oil with 2 of the three butter tablespoons until it be completely melted.
  3. Add the chive y salt to taste if the butter hadn´t salt. Sauté until the chive starts to change its color. Care not to burn.
  4. Down heat, add the rice and stir in order to mix with the butter and the chive. Leave just a couple of minutes and just when the grains be transparent add the wine and leave it until it has evaporated.
  5. Now it comes the moment when you have to add the chicken broth, ladle by ladle. Low the heat just a bit in order to the liquid burble.
  6. Leave it cook for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the strength of the rice or until the broth has been absorbed.
  7. A few minutes before finishing the cook add the spinach and the ham we had cut and set aside.
  8. After the cook time has finished incorporate the rest of the butter and evaporated milk or cream. Stir, add the cheese and the peppermint, and stir again.
  9. Put salt y pepper to taste y dish it up right away.

    Todos los derechos reservados por Tras La Receta

    Todos los derechos reservados por Tras La Receta

If you like exotic flavors click here and learn how to cook a delicious Rice with pistachios and dates.

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