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Tomato and goat cheese tostas

31 Ene
Todos los derechos reservados por Tras La Receta

All rights reserved by TrasLaReceta

Today is Friday, the favourite day of the week for the most of the people because it announces the weekend. And precisely because it is weekend I want to share with all of you a simple, healthy and quick recipe, Tomato and goat cheese tosta, ideal for a light dinner, or for a generous starter of a great St. Valentine’s dinner, for example. Keep this idea if you already are looking forward to surprising your better half in that special day.

The best of these «tostas» it is that they cook up in a short time. Although I present the ingredients that I used, you certainly could make your own adaptations. These «tostas» actually  are my idea to share with our friends or our families. Not only do I prepare them for a dinner, but also I make them for a delicious breakfast or just as a snack. You decide how to taste them. No more explanations, let’s go into the kitchen in order to prepare this simple recipe as soon as we pronounce them.

Ingredients to prepare Tomato and goat cheese tostas (4 persons)

4 slices of seed bread
2 ripe tomatoes
tender shoots’  mix
8 slices of goat cheese
extra virgin olive oil
Modena’s balsamic vinegar cream

All rights reserved by TrasLaReceta

All rights reserved by TrasLaReceta

How to prepare Tomato and goat cheese tostas

  1. Toast lightly into a pan the bread slices with an olive oil’s trickle. You also can use a toaster and putting the olive oil at the moment to form our tostas.
  2. Put the toasted bread slices into a dish, add some tender shoots, now some tomato slices previously cut into fine half moons if the tomatoes are large enough. Add a pinch of salt.
  3. then, incorporate two goat cheese slices for each tosta
  4. finally, add a thread of olive oil and another thread of Modena’s balsamic vinegar cream above all.

Ready! You’ll check how tasty these simple tostas can be. Go on if you want make your own versions. Use the bread you like most, change the tender shoots for lettuce leaves, spinach or canons. If you are not kind of goat cheese, try with your favourite. A red wine, a good company and these tostas taste as you were in the glory. Happy week to all my followers and readers.

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