All a world behind one recipe

23 Nov

Detrás de la receta

Since I was a child I´ve seen the kitchen as a multi-faceted place. To my grandma and my mom I owe this feeling. Thanks them I always found in this site, not only feeding, also the awakening of the curiosity, the pleasure of create an idea, shares it, offers it, realize it.

Along the wishes to conquering my own seasoning were growing up, I found the same enjoyment at reading and writing. If I say that thenceforth I started «to cook» the idea of this blog, I wouldn´t be honest, because when we are teenagers, at least when I was it, our interests are actually a lot and different between them; although, the seed always was there.

In those times I used to cook by an impulse, just an anxiety and not an obligation. They hadn´t let me do anything if first I hadn´t carried out which was my duty then: study, study. But today, when I get into the kitchen every day, I still doing it encouraged by some secret engine that all cook lover knows very well.

I love improvising, mixing flavors, making variations. It makes me happy the success of any dish, one or two failures don´t make me give up because I always have a second chance. I say with this that I´m not a foolproof cook, whether a cook that is very happy cooking for others.

detrás de este blog

Well, and now whether that I present my blog, a place that wants share my favorite recipes. All of them cooked with a lot of love and on my own way because they don´t pretend at all being the absolute recipe: I let this matter in hands to more consecrated people in the field.

With this little extension of my kitchen, I want to let an opened window to the smell of my seasoning, but to the seasoning from other kitchens too. And as the curiosity still being to me an inseparable characteristic of my personality, you can easily find here the huge world behind a recipe: their stories, their roots and the quality and particularities of some of their ingredients.

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